Sunday, February 10, 2008

Hm, it's been a while

But I have, of course, been reading.

Pages Read: Uh...let's see. 265 of Bede, 30 of "Parlement of Foules," 190 of The Tempter's Voice. I think I'm forgetting something in there somewhere, but that's what, 485 pages? Eh.

Pages written: Some

Other things accomplished: I met with my historical-list adviser on Friday to talk about what I'd read thus far and just generally check in. It went fine; he talked my ear off and I returned the favor in spades. I was pleased that even texts I had read two months ago managed to come back as I was talking about them (my mouth started and my brain kind of followed along in its wake) and I could say smart things about their themes and even bring back details. My adviser seemed pleased, as far as I could tell. If nothing else, he gave me some insider information on the job search the department's doing, so I guess he was feeling relatively well disposed toward me.

In other news, Nebraska loves Barack! (Well, the 33% of it that's Democratic does, anyway.) That's two out of the three states I've lived in. I'm not counting on Texas, frankly, but I'm hoping.